Geriatric massage is a growing practice within the field of Massage Therapy. It focuses on the specific needs of the aging population in the prevention, assessment and treatment of the joints and soft tissue systems of the body. Find more info on peachy massage london here.

In some cases the objective is to maintain or enhance optimal functioning in healthy soft tissues, at other times, pain relief and specific dysfunction and disease is addressed.
The need for physical touch and it's bennefits are another important reason why people are using geriatric massage.
In general, the field of geriatrics is one of increasing focus as we have more people entering the older adult years than in any time in history.
Many services are aimed at meeting the needs of this population with a focus on increasing quality of life. Geriatric massage can be performed by most massage therapists by modifying their existing techniques and positioning to meet the needs of this population. It is important to understand the difference between normal aging and age related disease in the elderly population.
There are the normal processes and effects of aging that occur as the function of various organs and systems decline with use. These can be mistaken for “disease” processes when in fact they are not.
With aging comes a specific set of considerations and contraindication to senior massage. Assessment approaches and techniques need to be modified to take this into consideration.
As massage therapists, we do not diagnose medical conditions and therefore it is very important to work as part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure that a person is receiving medical care to diagnose any signs and symptoms that are occurring in the older adult years.
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